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Trademark Information

Registered Trademarks of Portraits of Elegance Fashion®, POEFASHION®, Portraits of Elegance Fine Arts®

To any and all persons that may be concerned, interested or requesting information for trademark "Co-Existance", "Purchasing", "Cancellation" or any other United States Registered Trademark information or requests, the registered United States Trademarks for Portraits of Elegance Fashion®, POEFASHION®, and Portraits of Elegance Fine Arts® are NOT available for co-existance, use by another entity, business or person(s) under any circumstances, and absolutely NOT open to cancellation proceedings of any kind.

These registered U.S. Trademarks are in full use, have been in full use since 2004 and there is absolutely no intention of making any changes or exceptions in the use or ownership of these registered trademarks at the present time, unless, a very serious sales/purchase offer is made first.

If you or someone you are working with is inquiring into gaining the use of these registered trademarks, the ONLY way that use of these registered trademarks will be made available will be through purchasing these registered trademarks, the name of the business and all of the associated domain registrations that are for and in full use with these registered trademarks.  

So, in easy terms, if you want to use any of these registered trademarks for your own use, then you must purchase these registered trademarks and business names directly from the owner, Debora Nash, and at the price the owner is willing to sell them.

Until a finalized sale of these trademarks and business name(s) takes place and contracts of the final sale are signed and delivered with all monies paid in full, these United States registered trademarks are off limits to anyone who is wanting to use the brand or name of Portraits of Elegance Fashion®, POEFASHION®, or Portraits of Elegance Fine Arts®.

Should these registered trademarks be used or any legal filings made to cancel these registered trademarks without attempting discussions to purchase said trademarks first, be fully informed that there will be severe legal consequences filed and pursued in a court of law.


No exceptions will be allowed or made in reference to the use or transfer of these registered trademarks otherwise.


If you are absolutely serious about using these registered trademarks or names in any way, shape or form, with the full intent to purchase these business names, registered trademarks and domains for these trademarks before any kind of use, then you must contact the owner, directly, with written and signed formal requests and mail them to both of the addresses below.


Contact the owner of these registered trademarks directly at: 


Debora Nash, Owner

Phone: 270-291-2301.  Before calling, send a text message to this number with your contact information and reason for calling, for a call back from Debora Nash.  If you call without the text, then please leave a message with your contact information and reason for the call, and you will receive a call back.    

"Written Correspondance" is to be mailed to:


Attn: Debora Nash, Owner


C/O Office at Hamby Farms, LLC.

9680 South Rd.

Cadiz, KY 42211




Debora Nash, Owner



Bethpage, TN 37022